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Apprentice Members is intended for those individuals who have just entered or are considering entering in the catastrophe adjusting profession. Apprentice applicants become members once the NACA Membership Committee approves their paperwork. They are then added to the online Membership Roster and will be listed in the next printed Roster. These new members will be entitled to NACA benefits including the Mentor Program.

Associate Members are individuals with less than four years and more than one year of catastrophe property adjusting experience. These individuals are actively engaged in and derive the major portion of their income from handling, adjusting, supervision or investigation of catastrophe losses and/or claims for, or on behalf of, insurance companies or self-insured. Once they have 4 years of experience, they are encouraged to apply for General membership.

General Members are individuals with at least four years of catastrophe property adjusting experience. General Members fill the positions of officers, committee members, and are the only members with voting privileges. This is the only membership type that requires a vote by the other General Members. NACA is proud of the experience and knowledge these individuals offer the association and fellow members. General Members also can volunteer their time to the Mentor Program to help other adjusters as a Mentor.

Business Associate Members are adjusting firms and/or executives of insurance companies or firms, and individuals or firms associated with the catastrophe adjusting business. These members help us to connect the adjusters with advise about what the carriers are looking for and allow you to find qualified adjusters for your deployment opportunities.