What is the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters?

NACA® was organized in 1976 by a group of highly qualified catastrophe adjusters. The association is dedicated to improving professional standards, insuring working relations with one another and promoting the general welfare of the individual members. Our Mission is to provide a professional organization focused on excellence in catastrophe insurance adjusting for members through education, shared resources, and technology.


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The Benefits of Membership

  • Your Name in the printed and electronic Membership Roster shared with thousands of contacts
  • Association with a Professional Organization
  • Your Name, Resume, and Headshot on our website for Professionals to see your Career Experience
  • Your Profile added to our searchable online database
  • Mentor Program to educated yourself on what the tenured Adjusters do 
  • Personal sit down time at the Conventions with IA Owners and Deployment Managers
  • Continuing Education in courses that take your career to the next level
  • A group of Independent Adjusters that stay connected and informed to help everyone succeed to is driven
  • Event Schedule for Year Round Events on the Website
  • Important Links to Adjusting Related Companies and IA Firms
  • Newsletters with updates and exposure to thousands of contacts
  • An Association looking for feedback to help find ways to help you succeed
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Convention Discounts
  • Networking opportunities
  • NACA gear available through Lands End
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Are you a New Claims Adjuster?

The NACA Mentoring program is designed to assist both experienced adjusters and new adjusters. The benefit for experienced adjusters is to provide a pool of adjuster trainees that have demonstrated an interest in the adjusting business. The experienced adjuster can chose a “newbie” to work with them, provide clerical support, computer input support or field assistance in the claims process. The “newbie” benefits from the advice and training an experienced adjuster can provide.

The Mentor resume is a posting for experienced members to submit a listing to agree to mentor a Newbie into the adjusting business. The Newbie listing will show a brief bio of the person interested in working in the adjusting business. The idea is to assist both sides in coming together and providing key support for the needs of both the adjuster and “newbie”. NACA would encourage all “newbies” to apply for an apprentice membership in NACA.

The apprentice membership allows a person with little or no experience to join NACA and participate in the convention, with the exception of voting on items.

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